Chatroulette: Talk to girls!

On Chatroulette, now you can choose from a multitude of options.

The most popular of these seems to be the possibility to select the gender of your random talker! The operation is simple, just go on chatroulette and click on premium. You will see a window with several options.

“Connect only to specific gender:” 

will allow you to choose the sex of the person to meet in chat. Please note that this function can be selected only if you have purchased tokens.

What are the tokens and what is the token code for chatroulette?

The token is the credit that will allow you to have direct connections webcam with the person of your preferred gender.

So, if your purchase is $ 10, and you have chosen “Female”, you will have the opportunity to be able to connect with 100 girls.

In the case of $ 50 token there can connect with more than 500 girls.

“Country selection”

In this section you can instead choose three countries of origin so that they can only communicate with people who speak our language.

Even in this case it is necessary to purchase tokens chatroulette.

Fun with chatroulette is even easier!

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